Retail Arbitrage: use it to source your inventory

- Lots of easy-to-use filters that let you see the real price for products you need…fast!

- Price change and historical pricing for each product you are interested in

- Analyze price growth and drops within different countries and product categories

- Use our data to make great business decisions!


Shopping window: Sales aggregator on your site

- Helps your customers find the right products at the lowest prices

- Based on real-time data from hundreds of stores worldwide

- Allows your customers to discover products without leaving your site

- Best option for drop shipping business and shipping companies

Spycob ChatBot: let your customers shop more!

- Powerful e-commerce Chatbot that grows your drop-shipping business

- A great way to engage your customers

- Gives your customers an automated, easy way to shop

- Ready-to-use chatbot, delivering fresh data on over 17M products



Reports: retail e-commerce data analytics

- Analytical information on stores, brands, products, pricing and discounts

- Develop invaluable strategic insights to grow your business

- Interactive report engine to help you get quick results and make actionable decisions

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